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Conceptual innovation, key client relationships, and team collaboration are all essential components to success in creative design. As a highly accomplished professional with extensive 18 years of experience designing and executing successful, visionary advertising projects for high-profile brands, I am positioned to make a significant impact on your organization as your next Art Director.
I have very good command of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier, Adobe In Design, Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, Sound Forge, ASP, SQL, Visual Basic, Web Development, good familiarity with JavaScript, very good Windows administrative skills.

In Addition I have an Excellent Business Administration background in fields such as Finance, Accounting, Marketing and Management, as a Commerce & Foreign Trade faculty graduate.

Moreover I had the chance to work on large Information systems and in various environments. As a member within your organization, I would bring focus on quality and ease of use to your systems development. Furthermore, I work well with others, and I have strong knowledge of project management and leadership.

It would be appreciated if you let me know of any further required information.


Mostafa Swify

My Clients

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Bachelor Degree of Commerce and Foreign Trade

Year 1999

  • Major Accounting (English Section)
  • Helwan University, Egypt
  • Over all Grades: Good

High School Diploma (Thanawaya Amma)

Year 1994

  • Victory College School, Cairo, Egypt

Primary, Secondary and Preparatory Education

Year 1991

  • Victory College School, Cairo, Egypt

IT Courses

Year 2000 - now

  • Microsoft FrontPage (HTML)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (Fundamentals)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (Development)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (Enterprise)
  • Microsoft Visual Interdev (ASP)
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Macromedia Flash mx Designer
  • Macromedia Flash mx Developer
  • Macromedia Director
  • Sound Forge
  • Adobe Photo Shop 7
  • Adobe Premiere 6.5

Other courses

Year 2000 - now

  • Project Management
  • Presentation Skills
  • Process Handling

Computer Skills

Operating Systems

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Apple OSX
  • Microsoft Office


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Indesign

Web Design

  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Wordpress
  • ASP
  • Microsoft Visual Basic

Multimedia Building

  • Adobe Flash (Design)
  • Adobe Flash (Actionscript)
  • Adobe Flash (Games)
  • Sound Forge
  • Multimedia Building


  • Extensive Knowledge of Internet Applications
  • Owned a personal Computer for over 30 years

Personal Skills

Critical Thinking

Able to solve problems using creative thinking and thoughtful analysis.


Reliable, Responsible, and can be trusted with more responsibilities


Able to perform multiple tasks.


Can get along well with their employers, clients, and work well in teams.

Problem solving

Defining the problem, generating and evaluating alternatives, and finally implementing solutions.


Positive, passionate, and motivated.


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For the achievement of Orange Intranet


For the achievement of orphan day event at 6th October Airport



Arabic: Mother Tongue

English: Excellent (was living in the states)

Work Experience

1998 - 1999


Allied Consultants

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Department

1999 - 2005



E-learning: Creating, developing, Interactive E-learning modules describing all Mobinil products and services, handsets, and systems.

CDs and Demos: Responsible for designing Interactive Macromedia Flash presentations and CDs.

Intranet: Sole responsible for creating, designing, developing and updating Mobinil Intranet for all customer facing channels.

Handsets: Training all Mobinil customer facing representatives on handsets settings (WAP, GPRS, Conference Call, etc…). Developing web interactive handsets (using Macromedia Flash).

Training: Training Sales and Customer Service on most of the services involving technical matters (ex. I-email, Fax & Data, I-WAP, CLIP+, Call Conference, GPRS, Handsets, etc…), quality follow-up, compiling reports for significant findings.

Marketing Intelligence: Member of the Marketing Intelligence team.

Training Toolkit: Responsible for developing & updating all Mobinil handbooks and training materials for National Sales, Corporate Sales, Customer Service, Distribution, Distributors and POS’s.

2005 - now



My job responsibilities included producing exceptional creative work for clients, both creatively as well as effectively, in multiple media types including, but not limited to, web design, print media, multimedia, outdoor, and corporate identity

Responsible for the below accounts:

  • Intel
  • MES ( Modern Education Schools)
  • Al Obour High Institute
  • SMS (Smart Medical Services)
  • Venezia Group (Ceramica Venezia)
  • Quick Petroleum Guide
  • United Nations (Benaa)
  • Deals Automotive
  • Etisalat
  • Link Dot Net
  • Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
  • Al Thani Qatar
  • Blue flowers
  • Career Plus
  • Better Homes
  • Bin Ladin Group
  • Bridge Project
  • Ceramco
  • Deyar Egypt
  • Lify Furniture
  • Mind Maze
  • DMS
  • Easy Hajj
  • Electronic Government
  • Elixir Egypt
  • Esthetica
  • Hobby Center
  • Kamill Travel
  • Land Mark
  • Lead Marketing
  • Lufkin
  • MedSofts
  • Mobile Era
  • MOCA
  • Maadi Rotary Club
  • NTRA
  • OnSpec
  • Perenco
  • Petit Maxims
  • Oswa Channel
  • AGI
  • Beef Bunker
  • Pharaohs Group
  • Sahara Art Club
  • Siemens
  • Smart Car
  • Talaat Moustafa
  • TeleServe
  • TG General Services
  • Vodafone
  • Wink
  • Aeppi
  • Mine Action Project
  • Al Moaser
  • Ministry of Housing and Urban Development
  • Ministry of Civil Aviation
  • Mobile Shop
  • Blueberry Basket
  • Trade way co.
  • Dr. Sonya Ali
  • Global Mall
  • iMatter

Social Activities

Airplane Modeling

RC Airplane Modeling Design (Senior Trainer & Teacher)


Visited England, France, Switzerland, Turkey, United States, Somalia, and Saudi Arabia.